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Thanks for checking us out! Toolkitchen is in pre-alpha mode and only the daring need apply. Please refer to this page for more information on the project.

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Which browsers does Toolkitchen support?

Toolkitchen aims to support evergreen browsers. After all, we’re trying to simulate the future, and as someone once said, “You’re headed for trouble if all you do is stare in the rear-view mirror.” In practice, this means we support the most recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Some pieces of Toolkitchen may support more browsers if it doesn’t require too much extra effort.

See our Browser Compatibility page for more information.

What’s up with the name Toolkitchen?

It’s just the first thing we came up with. We’re not necessarily huge fans of it, and it will likely change at some point in the future.

Web Components

How do I package a bunch of custom elements together?

Use a custom build step that flattens/concatenates everything into a single file, then uses HTML Imports (<link ref="import">) to bring that file into your app.

Similarly, you could write a build step that inlines any custom element definition directly into your main app.

Crawlers understand custom elements? How does SEO work?

They don’t. However, search engines have been dealing with heavy AJAX based application for some time now. Moving away from JS and being more declarative is a good thing and will generally make things better.